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Ross Wood offers woodland camping glades and areas ideal for hammocks.

All our facilities are within easy walking distance.

The Ross Wood campsite has 10 designated camping areas. It also offers woodland areas for those wishing to use a hammock. The designated camping sites are equipped with brick built altar fires. Ground fires are not allowed unless agreed as part of a badge course or training event. If groups have their own portable alter fires they are welcome to use them.

                    A large versatile open area situated close to the hall and toilet block.

                    A small group site

                    Due to site improvements to our activity portfolio this site is no longer available.


                    A small group or unit site.

                    Large group or unit site

                    Attached to site 5 this area has its own alter fire and ideal for those wishing to use hammocks.

                    This site is a good size and with 6A is ideal for larger groups or units.

                    Attached to site 6 this area has its own alter fire and ideal for a small group or unit or to extend site 6.

                    This site is ideal for small numbers or a patrol camp. Situated close to the activity field.


                    A small group or patrol or unit camp site.

Site 3

Camping should always be an adventure, but even more so at Ross Wood

Camps are a great opportunity to....

  • Participate in a challenging activity

  • Spend time with friends

  • Learn new skills

  • Explore a different place

  • Enjoy a few nights without home comforts

  • Do something exciting and different

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