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Ross Wood is a compact 9 acre site. It maybe relatively small but offers a great deal for our users. To ensure we keep the site in good order, meet our responsibilities to the environment and ensure the ongoing pleasure of our site for future generations we ask that all our visitors respect the site.

We ask that camping areas are left how you would like to find them.


  • Wood is stacked or placed back into the woodland.

  • Any temporary structures (bivvies') are dismantled after use. 

It is important to remember that woodlands have many natural hazards (uneven floor, ground flora, ditches, Low hanging branches etc) . Leaders of Groups using the site are responsible for their members. 


Climbing trees is not an organized activity at Ross Wood and is therefore not covered by any risk assessment, should any leader allow their members to climb any tree they are held responsible for ensuring that it is carried out in an organized and safe way. Likewise, there may be plants and fungi (mushrooms etc) found in the woodland whilst we are not aware of anything harmful growing all persons using the woods should be aware of the dangers of eating any plants or fungi and the need to wash their hands after touching any unknown species.

There is a basic outdoor policy that if followed will keep users safe.

1. Don't pick

2. Don't Lick

3. Keep the environment as you found it


Each group on site must ensure they make their own arrangements for First Aid and knowledge of local Hospitals as there are no facilities on site. To minimize the risks of accidents everyone is expected to maintain a good standard of safety at all times.


With prior agreement from the bookings team it may be possible to take a vehicle on the site access track way to unload or load camping equipment. No vehicles to go onto the camping areas. All vehicles are to be parked in the main parking area.

Ross Wood Management Team accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any damage that may be caused to any vehicle by whatever means.

All vehicles taken on site or vehicles using, by agreement,  the site access track way are done so at the owners own risk.


No pets of any description are allowed in Ross Wood. The only dogs permitted are registered Assistance Dogs, Guide

Dogs or with specific permission from the duty warden.


Only designated alter fires are to be used. You can use your own 'off ground' open fires. No ground fires are allowed unless agreed with the Management Team and are for the purpose of badge or survival training.

All fires are to be fully extinguished before leaving the site.


There is plenty of fallen wood lying about, which may be picked up on site for use on fires. No trees, of any description, may be cut or felled without the express permission of Ross Wood Management.


No rubbish to be left on sites. Any rubbish created must be placed in the bins provided (carpark) ortaken away, off site by groups as they depart.


No pits of any description may be dug on site.



Water taps are located around the access track way.


There are water heaters in each of the toilet blocks, please be careful as the water may run very hot.

As running water is metered, it is requested that campers ensure that all taps are properly turned off after use.


Please be considerate of others who may be camping on the site rather than simply using its facilities and keep noise levels as low as possible, especially radios. A total noise curfew from 10.30pm to 7.30am would be appreciated.


We have no resident warden so we are dependent on everyone leaving them as they would wish to find them.


Please do not leave your campsite or valuables unattended, Ross Wood is not a secure site and management takes no responsibility for any property lost, damaged or stolen whilst on site.


There is one footpath which runs along the North boundary and follows the ancient cattle ditch adjacent to the caravan park.

There is a bridleway that leaves the New Road access and continues into the Kent Wildlife Trust woodland.

Should anyone be encountered within Ross Wood who has strayed off of the Bridal Way or Public Footpath they should be politely directed back to it or to the exit via our car park if that is closer.


We hope that you have a great time with us here in the Garden of England; if you do please tell everyone else. If however you encounter any problems during your visit please do get in touch and let us know; if we don’t know we can’t fix if for everyone else.

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